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The content of this online portfolio is dedicated to the lovely remembrance of my father, Muzaffer Tulay, who was such talented craftsman and gentleman, with endless gratefulness and kindness; appreciated his love and warm hand on me during the time we spent together on the earth plane.
(R.I.P. 1947-2016)


In so much cars taking place in my life along with spectacular unrevealed stories feels like one of the mysteries of life that always exists. The first memory I remember about cars was before school period; during then wandering around those objects was like a never-ending competition to me.

After graduation from high school, my architecture education was in fact a significant period as a matter of shaping my design formation. My professional career that has begun right after my graduation did not cause any disruptions at my relation with cars; quite the reverse, I was still the most loyal slave to this passion. From time to time, inside the angel formed by car design, architecture and music, I felt myself like a metal ball that rolls from one side to another; there were magnets at three corners and they were pulling me towards them. I am calmer now since I noticed everything feeds and strengthens one another.

I wanted to generate a tangible common purpose between car and architecture for my master degree in architecture: To study that is edited through conceptual space, abstract forms of the intersection between architecture and car by assembling dynamics of modern life’s aspects. This study aims to provide a new commentary on human’s journey among different spatial perceptions through cars that are positioned as a vital cross section in architecture and city platform. Furthermore, the study is scrutinizing that car should be considered as a part of architecture more than as a distinct spatial element.

The study consists of 3 main sections in which semantic content broadens out through spatial perception with the intention of the reality formed by man and machine. In the first section, changes in human life across in the modern process are asserted. In the second section, connections among architecture, car and city that shelters all vital aspects of man and urban space are discussed. The third section aims to introduce the limits of the new thresholds formed in man’s spatial perception by car that resembles an architectural space with its physical and psychological dimensions formed by several human sensations.

In order to be familiar with car design profession and find my own path, I studied Car&Transportation Design Master at Sucuola Politecnica Di Design in Milan for the purpose of shaping my accumulation on cars into a specific formation. After my graduation, beside my ongoing professional endeavors, I have been giving international courses, workshops and lectures in the context of architecture, car design, urbanism and mobility in both theoretical and practical manners. I have been developing my ability and constantly strive to improve.

Special thanks;

to Dad (1947-2016 ) & Mom & Family
for being with me with all everlasting support and love

to Didem Derindere / Executive Manager
for helping me to translate my master thesis in architecture with her perfect sensibility onto the context together with an outstanding friendship

To Ayse Akbas / Msc. Architect & Project Manager
for always being with me in those long years with her great support and lovely friendship along with an unique sensation and a geniu

to Prof. Dr. Hülya Yürekli (1950-2005) & Prof. Dr. Ferhan Yürekli / Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture
for shaping my architect and designer profiles with their precious touches and superior mastership

to Kübra Avtepe / Executive Manager in Human Resource
for believing in our way by giving the green light for my car design master study in SPD Milan

to Rita Preatoni / Head of Administration
Scuola Policatenica Di Design / Milan
for her precious support and help during the development of our courses at SPD and warm hand on me; much appreciated.

and to every one we have been together; under the sun and the shadows...


Engin Tulay