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Considering the concept of driving based on the journey, not the destination.

The Spirit
A collaborative expression, brainstorming, synergistic scope, an emotional experience, a sensorial comprehension; proposing a deep reflection on new forms of future mobility.

Topic 1
Creating an innovative interdisciplinary vision and continuing to demonstrate its commitment to shape the future of mobility.

Topic 2
Prospectively questioning what are the technological and socio-cultural progresses and how these will affect to evolution of the car and shaping its intended use.

Topic 3
Investigating the reliance and relationship with machines as advance future technology continues transforming human-to-machine interfaces, allows people to monitor their senses, feelings and patterns and creates a more humanlike relationship with vehicles emotionally.

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Future-watching with changing life needs, mobility patterns and technologies; thought-provocation; denoting the changes that are taking place within the automotive industry and technology sector at present.

Still or in motion. Considering the vehicles consist as an interface of interaction between people and their environment.

Developing an innovative approach to vehicle design research, proposing design as a method of enquiry, and focusing on transport service systems and programs with the ultimate goal of creating a new completely mobile generational subculture.

Creating a bridge between the private demands for transport and sustainable public systems and exploring the relationship between mobility and digital systems and allowing users a vast new scope of possibilities.

Challenging to create an inter-modal mobility approach for a global region that would enhance mobility in a clean, safe and efficient manner.

Challenging to design a mobility solution that would best serve the needs of an underserved region of the world.

Seeing the ideas and creativity from prospective future designers; having a valuable insight from their vision of future mobility needs, how the structure and platform of a vehicle may evolve.

Tasking to envision how technology, data, connectivity and content will revolutionize modern vehicle design.

Focusing on driving experiences and coming in response to the rise in technology’s influence on the automotive industry as self-driving vehicles take center stage.

Asking to invent a driverless automobile future; developing content and experiences for the connected car and envisioning the role content plays in the autonomous car experience of the future.

Questioning how cars will react to the rest of the world and change transportation infrastructure and where vehicles will be used, and how people’s lives will change as a result.

Investigating how a redefining purpose will transform vehicle function and form and what role content creators will play in shaping the new journey.

Developing content and experiences for the connected car and envisioning the role content plays in the autonomous car experience of the future.

Discovering the new cars are increasingly feature-focused and consumers are more aware of the benefits of smart technology in their car.

Using renewable sources of energy; transparent solar cells, self-generated electricity.

Considering App brings people together as both an information service and an exchange platform; car community.

Redesigning the seating concept which gives the possibility to simulate multiple driving conditions. Driving moods; business, van, leisure.

Intending car as a projector; using car's surface as projector.

Making the car‘s interior as usable and comfortable as possible for private purposes and satisfying high demands. Seeking to bring the outside in, much like an organic way to encourage the occupant interactions with surrounding.

Proposing super high efficiency hybrid vehicles running at high speeds for long periods of time and distance; adjusting vehicles to suit local environments, road conditions and for local sponsors.

Questioning modern luxury paradigm; understanding the value of time and space in regard.

Generating a new impacts and dynamics on vehicle design, such as sound; the noise of engine created a separate design element as part of the driving experience and affected to perception of the car throughout the history.

Dreaming up new proposals based on innovative thinking and novel application of technology, material and processes, demonstrating their use in future vehicles and showcasing how these designs would fit in to the future transportation scenarios.

Each to different levels, Aiming to focus on electric vehicle platforms, automotion and elements of (individual) personalization.

Looking into on-demand car ownership and car sharing.

Specific cultural codes-impact and locally sourced materials.

Offering users an opportunity to extensively modify their vehicle based on their desires and requirements.

Networking. Car adds digital App in social media; users can meet, exchanges ideas, interchange the parts of vehicles.

Adopting solar technology to decrease the pollution; car primarily serving as a solar panel device; smart glass technology.

Combining wind power for a vehicle in urban environments.

Hydrogen energy in widespread use; envisaging a sustainable society. Clean generation of hydrogen from a wide range of primary energy sources;
making local, self-sufficient power generation a global reality.

Cars used as power generators; aiming to add a new sense of purpose to the cars by turning fuel cell vehicles from eco-cars into energy-cars; a new role as power sources within their communities.

Renewable Energy. Recharging energy; regenerative energy when in motion.

Creating a vehicle that could also be use after the journey. Autonomy and vehicle to vehicle communication.

Aiming to promote wellbeing inside through the use of self folding and self-assembly, memory (shaped memorized) and programmable materials; putting emphasis on new shaping abilities.

Researching how telematics will influence the vehicle design.

Cars, vehicles as data hubs that assimilate and process large amounts of data from the surrounding area, as well as contributing information themselves.

Creating a vehicle that would grow with the user, expanding, extending and contracting based on their needs.

Developing a reconfigurable, flexible, transformable, adaptive vehicle interior in terms of space and seats (adding additional passenger or subtracting to create a more spacious cabin).

Seeking how biomimicry can influence vehicle design (mostly investigated and achieved by engineers) to benefit the environment. artificial photosynthesis, artificial muscles (for suspension systems), interactive artificial intelligence, biodegradable materials that's reactive to electricity, water and thermal changes.

Aiming to deliver a new form of transportation, better suited to the way we interact today.

Proposing car as a medium; holistic car interiors, concepts. Intermodal mobility; modular motorhome, multifunctional vehicles, amphibious vehicles.

How to create a more positive perception on cars which are often seen 'bad things' and change the way people perceive the cars.

Philanthropic Approach: What additional functions might cars have in order to offer people benefits for the wider community above and beyond transportation paradigm?
Developing cars into robots or devices with their own intelligence and the capacity to act yet providing information.

Mobile Revolution: The city itself is changing into a utopian place. Creating a city is based on a place that is not organized by functions (divided into functional areas such as living, working, shopping, and leisure) but by mobility requirements following different needs of speed.

Leading Mobile Revolution to a system of different mobility devices that combine efficiency with an individualized urban lifestyle.

CarArchitecture; Considering buildings and vehicles have much in common: from construction to use, they depend on energy and resources and both home and car have similar living systems. Developing car design so that they can incorporate mobile and immobile elements could prove a worthwhile strategy in future in terms of sustainability.

The energy flow; creating a energy link between home and car that are symbiotic in nature. Considering car as a energy accumulator on wheels and home is a supplier and receiver of energy.

In advanced design and styling; looking at the structures of nature to give shape, strength and solidity to objects and bodies.

Making research into the use of revolutionary new materials, investigating natural constructions.

Considering car as an art object; creating a sculpture that visually expresses emotions, inspires and impress the observer with its pure sensory-aesthetic appeal beyond the limited context of ergonomics, technical feasibility, formal constraints along with highly sophisticated symbolic aspects, functional and sensuous aspirations characteristic.

Nature's diversity and perfection; developing a creative fantasy without constraints freely, yet not simply mimicking nature.

Designing and reflecting individual interpretations of sudden visual emotions observed in nature and understanding of nature's randomness with reference to human life.

Setting a multiple chain of associations in movement, motion, beauty, speed, dynamism and quality of a unique artistic creation.

Considering the way we describe and understand cities is being radically transformed - alongside the tools we use to design them and impact on their physical structure.

Surface as a floating, adaptive skin; a vehicle tailoring itself to the requirements of the users and their driving style.

Surface a a skin; a constant interaction with its surroundings and environment, visibly altering its appearance in response to natural changes such as light, sound and heat conditions.

Questioning how a vehicle can alter and adapt its movement by observing the nature around with reference to user's requirements; exploring the transition of air, light and sound from the surrounding environment.

The use of magnetic levitation and advanced sensors; a vehicle driven by the human brain, eco-touring machines powered by natural process.

A new driving experience; seeking a further relationship between driver and vehicle to attach the driver to more to the car both physically and emotionally.

Carpooling systems, a combination between different volumes (car, small bus, train carriage); aiming to minimize the increasing problem of traffic congestion in urban areas whilst still retaining a degree of privacy for travellers to be connected and productive during their commute (an array of in-car activities).

Reflecting an understanding of how the electric powertrain affects vehicle architecture and allows designers to provide a distinctively fresh mobility between people, technology, vehicles, urban infrastructures.

Setting new vehicle design tends and dynamics to evoke the emotion of movement. Shifting the notion of how a moving object can communicate apart from the idea behind designing cars to look '‘as if moving when standing still’'.

Designing vehicles that interface future consumer's lives; enhancing productivity and keeping people connected to their cyber networks.

Knowing that the current global car occupancy rate is 1.3 people per vehicle and cars are parked 95% of their lives and occupy 65% of urban mass.

Automotive cybersecurity, automotive software; not having an accepted definition of a “connected car” in the industry that causes confusion.

Digital mobility, car sharing platforms; making the car a physical meeting point within the digital networks.

Building up new interactive relationship between lighting systems and users which would transpire through the use of technology and user's mood.

Exploring advanced smart transportation system based on modular self-driving vehicles; driving autonomously, joining themselves and detach even when in motion.

Despite the enhanced technology, considering that the car is still meant to be driven by a human being and to provide driving pleasure.

Integration of various media to vehicle design through the digitalization of information since more data is being digitalized such as sounds, images, and texts. Making users enable to use electro-sensuous instruments based on tangible interfaces as a reference for digital interactions, tactile as well as functional concerns .

Providing a significant impetus for the emerging analysis of mobility in modern societies; examining the car system and its promise of autonomy as one of the most dominant forms of mobility.

Accelerating the car as a central area of economic, technological, social and political consequences and considering its high impact in transforming the time-space scopes of the modern urban-suburban habitants.

Creating a vehicle growing with the user during its use of life. An intelligent skin that changes form while drive, a hull of air, a skin of light. An active skin using micro-technologies to embed multiple functions into the "skin" of a car.

Post-car. Understanding the idea of the car when not in use.

Proposing the future of ''moving together.''; shared mobility experiences by maintaining the historic, traditional interaction between the car and driver

Aeromorph design; making the material temperature-responsive and using piezoelectric materials that can create energy when compressed.

Creating dualities reflected in the contrasting choice of materials: complexity and simplicity act together. Using piezoelectric materials that can create energy when compressed).

Renewable energy; inhaling air pollution and emitting clean air; zero emission single seat vehicle.


Architectonic, Mobilicity, Automobility, Anthropoid, Autopoiesis, Autopoietic, Biomorphisisim, Biotic, Humanoids, Immersive, Interface, Ornamental.

Act of moving, a state of ongoing change; an impetus behind motion and movement, energy of surface.

Topography of the surfaces creates a structural skin in a chaotic way.

An abstract pattern in which elements are never repeated exactly.

The visual moments follow trajectories subsequently.

Replacing the surface without the description of surface.

Technique where the structure influences the form.

Spontaneous way, a random effect; dissolve the surface generates visual moments.

Changing the symmerty; volume language define by the space organization.

Textural structure, zooming on texture and finding the form; the structure of the surfaces influence the form.

Reshaping what defines a car - form and structure work together.

Surface communicates with its internal function of different layers; a change of position with respect to eachother.

Movements which proceeding from natural feeling or native tendency.

The biomorphism and the nanotechnology; naturatechnic transportation.

Adaptive monography in between the technology and the natural process.

A condition created when movement changes the rules in response to every new situation

The line directions are random and fluctuate within undefinable limits.

An image applied to speed to create the apperance of motion on textural structure of surface.

The physical feel or shape of a movement in sens of form.

The way surface and its structure go together; textured surfaces.

Visual and tactile surfaces, including aesthetic and structural elements.
In sense of self-generated forms; happening without any apparent external causes.

Naturally, voluntarily, instinctively; without prior plannig.

Passing from one poit to another without order or rational connection or logical sequence; disconnected.

A state of disorder and unpredictibality, a confused or amorphous mixture or conglomeration of motion.

A cohesive whole built-up of detached distinct dimensions; the body treated as an abstract unit.

A provakation and encourament a line to take a dynamic action that elicits or influences a physiological or psychological statements of surfaces.

Augmented reality; space travel, futurescape.

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